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Jamil GS’ Jamaican Skaters

Photographer Jamil GS
August 07, 2009

Onetime FADER photographer Jamil GS recently started a blog documenting his travels and work around the globe, and things are off to a pretty awesome start with some snaps from one of his recent trips to Jamaica, where he visited the Bull Bay Bowl and its crew of rowdy locals. Jamil opines as to the potential superstar skaters in waiting who only need a little gear and support, which sounds eerily similar in tone to current FADER intern Cassi Gibson's efforts to raise funds for the Kitintale Skate park in Uganda. View Jamil's photos of Bull Bay Bowl here and Cassi's of Kitintale here and if you are reading this and own a gigantic skate company, feel free to send a bunch of stuff to this kids. We can hook you up if necessary. (via A Silent Flute)

Posted: August 07, 2009
Jamil GS’ Jamaican Skaters