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Chew Lips, “Salt Air (Plastician RMX)” MP3

August 10, 2009

British Kitsuné babes Chew Lips' epic drunk-driving single/metaphor has been out for a hot minute, not to mention it feels like it's been reworked a million times. But this new version is an extra special entry in the computer-remixing device* assembly line: resident Rinse DJ/dubstep master Plastician threw vocalist Tigs' power-drama vocal parts on some signature atmospheric dark bass palpitations and they got hella canyonized up in this piece. Dubstep vocals are rare enough but dubstep vocals that resonate with and match the fierce gravity of the genre are rarer. It's like a damn eagle ascending into the yonder, dogs. (via Funkism)

*Actual office convo: Julianne: "Sam, what is that program that people use to remix stuff again? ProTools?" Sam: "I mean, I think people just use GarageBand but don't admit it."

Download: Chew Lips, "Salt Air (Plastician RMX)"

Chew Lips, “Salt Air (Plastician RMX)” MP3