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Premiere: Hudson Mohawke, “Rising 5” MP3

August 10, 2009

The first question we asked upon hearing Hudson Mohawke's upcoming debut album Butter (Oct 13, Warp) was, "How did he make this?" His label told us they had no idea. Inevitably, the answer will be that he made it on some malleable computer software, and it will be a little mindblowing to find out such expansive bombs were bottled from a tiny Scottish motherboard. "Rising 5," from Butter, feels more snappy and organic than some of his weird, futuristic beatmaking pals like labelmate Flying Lotus—less Massive Attack breathy electronica than big beat-ish free jazz with bone crack snare and cybernetic harp (and, if we're not crazy, maybe a sample of Jay-Z saying "yep"). HudMo will be touring to preview the album and the dates are after the jump.

Download: Hudson Mohawke, "Rising 5"

08.12 - Oslo, Norway - Oya Festival
08.22 - Limburg, Belgium - Pukkelpop
08.29 - Muzykha, Silesia - Festival Nowa
08.30 - Venlo, Holland - Zonerpaark Festival
09.05 - New York, NY - Warp20 (New York)
09.12 - Isle of Wight, UK - Bestival
09.18 - Paris, France - Ed Banger vs. Warp
09.19 - Sheffield, UK - Warp20 (Sheffield)

Premiere: Hudson Mohawke, “Rising 5” MP3