Premiere: Etienne Jaumet, “Entropy” (mixed Carl Craig) MP3

August 11, 2009

Etienne Jaumet, the Frenchman of heralded electronic duo Zombie Zombie and various other productions, somehow convinced Detroit legend Carl Craig to mix his entire new album Night Music—that somehow being Jaumet's intricately crafted and deceptively minimal epics of repetitive vintage synths and electrics that probably subconsciously appealed to Craig's inner nerd (that inner nerd is still a million times cooler than you). "Entropy," the first song released from Night Music, is the opposite of its title: tightly wound and seemingly infinitely that way until it suddenly ends. Very subtle and so good. Jaumet's album is out on Domino Records October 6th, and the tracklist looks like this:

1. For Falling Asleep
2. Mental Vortex
3. Entropy
4. Through The Strata
5. At The Crack Of Dawn

Download: Etienne Jaumet, "Entropy"

Posted: August 11, 2009
Premiere: Etienne Jaumet, “Entropy” (mixed Carl Craig) MP3