JD Era f. Drake, “Rock And Roll” MP3

Photographer Jonathan Mannion
August 14, 2009

Thank the internet heavens for JD Era and the CD-quality mp3 of his "Rock And Roll" with our newest coverstar Drake, who in the last 24 hours has been compelled to apologize to Motown Records head Sylvia Rhone due to a quote from our cover story. In all fairness, the quote seemed more driven by a desire to state his loyalty to Wayne and to clarify why he signed where he signed rather than the flagrant insult everyone wants it to be, but he handled it like a pro anyway. Here's the quote in its entirety from our transcripts:

I’m signed directly to Aspire, which is Cortez’s company—actually Gee is his partner, they work together on that and another gentleman by the name of Derrick Mann. So that’s who I’m signed to, that’s my label. We have complete creative control and we own everything. Then the Young Money situation comes into play where, you know, Wayne—I wanted to stay loyal to Wayne. Wayne has done a lot for me. Wayne has put his neck out there for me a lot—he's backed me, he's done the features I've asked him to do, he appeared on my mixtape like three times. He did a lot for me so all he ever asked was like, Yo, I just want people to know that Young Money's behind this project. And that would be the logo on the album. So to get that logo I had to obviously be under the Universal umbrella, so I signed to Aspire which is being distributed through Universal Republic and Young Money is the joint with Aspire for logo purposes and branding purposes… My most important thing is letting Wayne know how much I appreciate him and I don’t fuck with Universal Motown. At all. So I signed to Universal Republic.

And here's the song, produced by Boi1da, Drake's go-to producer of "Best I Ever Had" fame, on which Drake rips the second verse and sounds exactly like someone who might drape himself in a Hermes blanket whilst sipping wine.

Download: JD Era f. Drake, "Rock And Roll" (via)

JD Era f. Drake, “Rock And Roll” MP3