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Daniel Wang, “Like Some Dream” MP3 + Croatia Mix

August 19, 2009

Daniel Wang messed up a couple mixes when he DJ'd at PS1 earlier this summer, but that was because he was dancing on top of the speakers holding record sleeves over his head. Dude is juiced. The crowd was mostly made of Euro folks who looked maybe a little surprised that the southern tip of Queens was not particularly similar to Ibiza. But Wang, a disco pioneer expat, doesn't play the hard fever techno familiar to loud festivals rampant with powder and pills. Really, he just likes to get funky. "Like Some Dream," which is somehow now 16-years-old, is the song he is most known for, and comes from his upcoming singles compilation. "Like Some Dream" always gave us happy Crystal Waters feelings (sorry). In a good way, seriously, like in the way that it could melt your mom's heart or your date's. And just so you know Wang isn't trading on his past good deeds: Bodytonic put up a set of his from earlier this month in Croatia. Dude is killing it with peppy disco in Croatia, that is awesome.

Download: Daniel Wang, "Like Some Dream"

Download: Daniel Wang, Live in Croatia

Daniel Wang, “Like Some Dream” MP3 + Croatia Mix