Jay-Z f. Drake, “Off That” MP3

Photographer Jonathan Mannion
August 24, 2009

We've been marinating on this one for a day or so and still can't figure out why Jay would bother putting Drake's name on it when all he does is hide in the hook and do a weird little rah-rah at the end, but it's probably a good sign for Drizzy if his name alone carries that much weight already. Can't say as much for the production which actually sounds almost identical to the music they played at the planetarium when we went there on a 4th grade field trip. Also, for the record, we have been off everything on this song forever because we couldn't afford it in the first place.

On another note, Baby also dropped a song this weekend, actually featuring Drake, and incidentally it's the verse quoted at the beginning of our Drake cover story, the verse Wayne rapped at the VMAs that let the world know Drake was major.

Download: Jay-Z f. Drake, "Off That" (via Young Money HQ)

Download: Birdman feat. Drake & Lil Wayne, "Money To Blow" (via Nah Right)

Jay-Z f. Drake, “Off That” MP3