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Red Cafe, “Here To Get Money” MP3

August 25, 2009

If a certain editor is to be believed, Red Cafe is the future of Brooklyn rap. Though, if a certain editor's friends are to be believed, Cafe is Brooklyn rap past, having already made numerous foray's into the matrix dating back to DJ Clue tapes. But why can't he be both? Over the course of his career's atypically slow gestation, Cafe has improved steadily as both a songwriter and jewelry model, integral pieces of rap superstardom. "Here To Get Money" is another peg in his mission of Brooklyn glam reclaiming a place in the national rap scope. Below you can also grab "I Tote Guns," a song whose Biggie sample makes it exceptionally club-ready despite it's gun-tote posture. On another note, we will continue to use this Red Cafe picture until summer ends or until he stops releasing jams, whichever comes first.

Download: Red Cafe, "Here To Get Money"

Download: Red Cafe, "I Tote Guns"

Red Cafe, “Here To Get Money” MP3