Health, “Before Tigers” CFCF Remix MP3

Photographer Kitra Cahana
August 31, 2009

Is CFCF's remix of Cassie's "Official Girl" the standard by which we will hold all of CFCF's music forever? Maybe so! But when you're still pretty new career highpoint is a breezy remix that somehow captures all the crushing weight of a million breakups, you've got some stiff competition with yourself. CFCF's remix of Health's "Before Tigers" isn't quite as good, but it still shines. It's more plodding, direct, lacking in empty space. It feels like waking up hungover on a sailboat at sunrise on a clear day.

(via RCRD LBL)

Posted: August 31, 2009
Health, “Before Tigers” CFCF Remix MP3