Jay-Z f. Kanye West, “Hate” MP3

August 31, 2009

Though "Ghetto Techno" is getting some support in the comments, "Hate" just might be the homerun (okay, maybe a triple) we've been waiting for. Current playcount: 10 times in 24 minutes. Not only does it upgrade the synth grind of "Drunk And Hot Girls" with some actual lyrical hilarity, but Jay sounds a little angry. Maybe we should all hate more? Anyway, let's hope the rest of Blueprint 3 sounds more like this and less like the other shit.

PS OMG Jay-Z and Beyonce were at the Grizzly Bear show! Dudes, they stay in Williamsburg. Don't be surprised if Blueprint 4 looks like Dark Was The Night.

Download: Jay-Z f. Kanye West, "Hate"

UPDATE: This is it. Keep bringing this.

Jay-Z f. Kanye West, “Hate” MP3