Rustie, “FACT Mixtape 79” MP3

September 02, 2009

The Glasgow-based producer/DJ Rustie just won our hearts with his latest mixtape for FACT Magazine: he put like everyone we love (Sweat.X, Hudson Mohawke, The-Dream etc) on it. He even included our longtime favorite "Georgia Peach"—the Atlantan "downtown" rapper Rasheeda! Like dude, people in America don't even check for Rasheeda! How focused is your game! He also mixed some of his own sickass productions—like kicking back in the "strobe" room with a pack of gum and a bubble bath—with Ace Hood and Lil Scrappy. What do Southern rappers sound like in Glaswegian? How can we be down? Cop the mixtape over at FACT mag and check the bazonkos track list after the jump.

Lil Scrappy - Addicted to Money

Rasheeda - Juicy like a Peach

Bflecha - Ceja De Carnival

Terror Danjah - Zumpi Hunter (Swindle Remix)

Hudson Mohawke - Twist Clip Loop

Ace Hood - Loco 4 Cake

Jeremy Greene - Pitbull - Rain Remix (Instrumental)

Rustie - Relay

Loops Haunt - Rubber Sun Grenade

Hudson Mohawke - Glue Tooth

Samoyed - Maybe Yes

The Dream - Sweat It Out

Tiago - Never Forget

Subeena - Dereflex

Young Snead - I Love When Dey Hate

Hudson Mohawke - Fuse

The Cool Kids - Jump Rope

Doll Phase - Damn Right (Instrumental)

Sweat X - I'm That Alley (Mike Slott remix)

Loops Haunt - Impact Omnihammer

Rustie - Teen Souls Burning

7vwwvw - It's my Birthday

Rustie, “FACT Mixtape 79” MP3