Hudson Mohawke’s Butter Sampler MP3

September 03, 2009

Young Hudson Mohawke, whose "Rising 5" debuted here and is included on our first Visionary Podcast, has a new album coming out October 12th on Warp Records. It's called Butter, it's full of monstrous, knocking electronic funk jams that sometimes make zero sense and the cover looks like a dream we had after drinking too much Cisco on the beach. Thanks to Konx Om Pax and Dom Sum from LuckyMe for that last one. Warp just released a sampler of Butter snippets for free download and bunch of tour dates all over the damn place. The former is below, the latter after the jump.

Download: Hudson Mohawke's Butter Sampler

05 5th - Warp20 (New York) FREE SHOW - Info Here
12 Bestival, Isle of Wight, UK
18 Warp/Ed, Paris - Info Here
19 Warp20 (Sheffield) - Info Here
26 Reyjavik, Iceland

22 Bordeaux, France
23 Lille, France
25 Nancy, France

05 Turin, Italy
21 Warp20 (Tokyo)
29 Stereosonic Festival, Sydney, Australia
30 Stereosonic Festival, Perth, Australia

06 Stereosonic Festival, Melbourne, Australia
06 Stereosonic Festival, Adelaide, Australia
07 Stereosonic Festival, Brisbane, Australia

Hudson Mohawke’s Butter Sampler MP3