Premiere: Still Going, “Spaghetti Circus” MP3

September 09, 2009

In the spring of 2008, as part of our our DFA Reboot story in FADER #53, we spoke to Eric and Liv of Still Going, who at that point had released just one 12-inch single on DFA. They played us beginnings of new songs, some not much more than sketches, some half-finished up to the chorus and then nothing, one fully-finished remix of something Japanese. They said then that the Japanese thing would be released imminently, but until the recent "Spaghetti Circus" single, they'd fallen quite behind with their jaunty disco output. We understand the business—Eric's always been DJing internationally as one half of Rub 'n' Tug, and Liv as half of the recent jetset duo House of House—but understanding doesn't fill the void. To make up for the gap in love, Still Going put together a radio edit of "Spaghetti Circus," and answered a few questions to get us up to date and fill in the mysteries behind song. Buy the single here, get the edit below and read the interview after the jump.

Download: Still Going, "Spaghetti Circus (Radio Edit)"

Why did it take you more than a year to release another single after
your debut?

We spent some of that time turning out remixes . And in the studio for our other projects - Eric with Rub n tug and Liv with House Of House. We actually recorded the core tracks in early 2008. Over the next few months, we overdubbed guitars keys and bass with musicians we felt would fit for each part. The tracks were close to finished when we asked Reggie [Watts] to come in to track vocals in the Spring of '09.

Are you making more songs? What else are you busy with?
Yes, we're currently in the studio working on new material. We also continue to work on our respective projects - a Rub n tug album and new House Of House material.

Who is doing vocals on this song?
That's Reggie Watts—multi-instrumentalist, funny man, Eno protege, with a voice and heart of gold.

Do you think it sounds like Richie Havens disco? Because we think it does.
We'll take that as a's a great jam.

What is a "spaghetti circus?"
Think Ennio Morricone meets Paradise Garage.

Premiere: Still Going, “Spaghetti Circus” MP3