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Erol Alkan and Still Going Resident Advisor Mixes

Photographer Leonie Purchas
September 15, 2009

In our minds, Resident Advisor is the dude who still goes to the rave but poopoos the glowsticks and low quality of today's E. He was there in 1987 when Daft Punk played in the Wisconsin woods without masks to fruit bats and three Scandinavian tourists; he was there when Jeff Mills was a baby and first heard the ringing of church bells and hit his little baby hand against the lid for his peach baby food and in his tiny eyes he heard the future of all music; and he was there when Robert Moog, Nigel Rogers and David Byrne ate acid while listening to Silver Apples and did long division to figure out the highest BPM your body can handle before going into ecstatic overdrive. So it is pleasing to see the OG techno heads tread on FADER territory and feature two artists we've written about with love in their most recent podcasts, Erol Alkan and Still Going. Both are peppy mixes from the disco-obsessed musicians. In an internet mix, there's no pressure to bring a sustained dance, and while they're certainly not shying away from anything 4/4, there is space in both mixes to breathe. And, for Erol Alkan at least, space to feel kind of like you watched a lot of horror movies with girls in bikinis lately. He's really riding that seedy/seductive line with the Miami bass/dramatic synths tracks.

Download: Erol Alkan Resident Advisor Mix

Download: Still Going Resident Advisor Mix

Erol Alkan and Still Going Resident Advisor Mixes