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Slideshow: Not Another Mirror Shot

September 22, 2009

Over the last ten years, The FADER has published thousands of photographs by hundreds of photographers from all over the world. Hopefully, when flipping through the pages of each issue, you are able to pick out little details in these photographs that illustrate the subject's character or illuminate a situation's subtleties, and that this attention to detail creates an indelible image in your mind of that person or place. To be honest, we look at these things so many times in the course of editing that we start to only notice patterns. Like a dog staring at a herd of kittens, we are made catatonic by the wonder of it all. One of the recurring patterns over the last few years has been the frequent appearance of mirrors, a device that allows for interesting effects and unexpected outcomes, the illusion of light and space where there is little and metaphor for the public and private lives of artists. It could also just be that there are a bunch of mirrors in this world and people like looking in them. Whatever it is, our keenest eye, that of creative director Phil Bicker, always selects only the ones that make sense and saves the rest for his upcoming book project, Look At Me! Em A Kool!,* to be published by FADER Books on the first of Nevruary, 2010billion. Enjoy this slideshow of Phil's favorite mirror shots during his tenure here, beginning with a portrait of Andrew WK by Michael Schmelling from issue #33.


Posted: September 22, 2009
Slideshow: Not Another Mirror Shot