Ewen Spencer: Wag Lad

Photographer Ewen Spencer
October 01, 2009

UK-based photographer Ewen Spencer has contributed many memorable photos to The FADER over the last several years—from the prime of grime pirate sessions to Dungen's pastoral home base—so it's no surprise that his new solo exhibit at the KK Outlet in London, which opened tonight, looks pretty memorable as well. For those not familiar, Spencer is particularly gifted at capturing the peculiarities of young male behavior, and for Wag Lad, he turns his camera towards vainglorious dandies, with their meticulous dress and borderline insane attention to grooming. Like poodles if they had thumbs and a credit line. The exhibit runs until the 29th of October, and as Spencer himself writes on his blog, "Our Spotify playlist alone will be worth a visit." Check the flyer on the click thru.


Posted: October 01, 2009
Ewen Spencer: Wag Lad