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Winter Drones, “Winnie Cooper’s Bones” & “Two Long Weeks Part 2” MP3s

October 02, 2009

How fucking awesome was The Wonder Years? Like, as far as TV shows go it had everything you could want, including a rumor that the gawky kid with glasses was actually Marilyn Manson. We mention this because Winter Drones have a song called "Winnie Cooper's Bones" (referring to the main character's love interest, in case you forgot) that balances Bob Dylan-esque uptalk with layers of dense guitar. We can't quite make out the lyrics, so we're just going to assume that it's about how it's a borderline travesty that The Wonder Years is still not out on DVD and move on. Equally as good/heavy is "Two Long Weeks Part 2," which comes off like a palate cleanser after all that guitar fog, but it's a little sharper, a little more biting. Winter Drones' Blood in the Coffin is out soon.

Download: Winter Drones, "Winnie Cooper's Bones"

Download: Winter Drones, "Two Long Weeks Part 2" (via Pinglewood)

Posted: October 02, 2009
Winter Drones, “Winnie Cooper’s Bones” & “Two Long Weeks Part 2” MP3s