Hennessy Artistry Tour Blows Up New York City

October 08, 2009

Video courtesy of Miss Info

Last night New York City's Terminal 5 hosted the final stop of the Hennessy Artistry Tour which included surprise performances by Bilal, Don Omar (viva reggaeton!), Consequence, Karen Wheeler of Soul II Soul, Q-Tip, and Queen Latifah, as well as mixology scientists, Common and The Roots. We arrived a little later than we wanted to, but were able to get the full scoop from our main man about town The Good Reverend Dr., who coincidentally has probably attended more Roots concerts than anyone who isn't in the actual band.

Interview by Felipe Delerme

True or False, you tried to walk the red carpet and security escorted you off?


They let you live? Or you ain't even disrespect?

yea they didn't say anything really

I had no idea so many stars was in the building. I found out cause of pics this morning

yea I seen them

So who held it down for you?

common was pretty dope

then the roots did a few songs..

then bilal came out..




Consequence looks to have had on some sort of Gucci windbreaker???

I ain't know Gucci did track and field


my mans pops is Dapper Dan, mighta came from him

So how were the Roots after all your years of seeing them?

they were dope

i mean they backed everyone

which is always dope

Oh wow, did they look tired?

Everytime I see Black Thought on stage he looks like Ewing at the free throw line

nah son...

The craziest part had to be Karen Wheeler though...

yea b/c i didn't expect that

took me back to moms hatchback, getting picked up from summer camp...

How about the females though

oh yea

there was lots of them

*hi five*

So on a scale of 1 to 250,000. What would you rate the entire show?

maybe 200, 000

Hennessy Artistry Tour Blows Up New York City