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Round Table Knights Autumn 09 Mix

October 13, 2009

You know how when you're watching a Wes Anderson movie and an establishing shot appears onscreen of some neighborhood in fall and one of Vince Guaraldi's Peanuts songs comes on and you say to yourself, Oh man, this movie is totally about me and everything I like. It's not about you. That is a trick. Everyone watched Charlie Brown drag a dead Christmas tree around or get pwned by some random on Halloween a thousand times growing up and identified with getting kicked around or doing stuff other people clowned on. So when that music comes on you subconsciously identify it with something you remember fondly from childhood. Watch that same scene with Rusted Root playing and see how you feel about it. Oddly enough, our parents listened to a lot of disco and Prokofiev at the same time growing up, which might explain why they're not together anymore and why that Wes Anderson business doesn't work on us, but also why the latest edition of Round Table Knights' season mixes made us want to play Candyland real bad. Download the mix below, check the tracklist after the jump and recommend a good therapist in the comments.

Download: Round Table Knights Autumn 09 Mix

Francesco Tristano – Strings Of Life
Thomas Brinkmann – Isch (Soulphiction Remisch)
Bill Withers – Who Is He (Henrik Schwarz Edit)
David Keno, Jaxon – Girls
Alex Niggemann – El Hechizo
Aki Bergen, "17"
Rampa, "Wife"
Marcus Meinhardt, "Mad Max (Super Flu’s Home Sweat Home Remix)"
Malente & Dex, "2 Gipsy Kings (Round Table Knights Remix)"
Style Of Eye, "Grounded (Round Table Knights Edit)"
Tim Green, "Kitch In"
Pierce, "Espinosa"
Tuccillo, "Panorama"
Eli Escobar, "Glass House"
Kenneth Bager, "I can’t wait (Round Table Knights Remix)"
Nurses, "Lita"

Round Table Knights Autumn 09 Mix