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Listen to an Entire Lotus Plaza Set

Photographer Stacie Jaye Meyer
October 16, 2009

No offense to Lotus Plaza, who are awesome, but listening to this show from the comfort of a warm office and somewhat comfortable chair seems like the ideal way to take in all the music. Not that this wasn't a mind-melting set in real life, but the first ten minutes consist primarily of an extended guitar drone and every time we try to lay down in the club things get a little weird. The rest of the set is significantly poppier, like if The Cure went a little new age, but nevertheless, we're still going with the concept that this is for listening to at home alone when it is way too cold to do anything else except fiddle with the volume knob on the stereo until you can catch all the details. Lotus Plaza are linking up with Nudge for a brief tour in November, dates after the jump.

Download: Lotus Plaza Live in Atlanta (via The Deerhunter Blog)

1/13 at espace b [paris] w/ lotus plaza
11/14 at bpm [nantes] w/ lotus plaza
11/18 at clandestino [faenza] w/ lotus plaza
11/22 at villa torlonia [san mauro pascoli] w/ lotus plaza

Listen to an Entire Lotus Plaza Set