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Premiere: Chll Pll, “Pass Out” MP3

October 20, 2009

UPDATE: Just kidding, that song was actually "Now Then and When." It's a jam, so get the record. Check out the real "Pass Out." It sounds like a regular band got trapped in a Lisa Frank commercial.

Download: Chll Pll, "Pass Out"

"Pass Out" is what we cannot believe drummer Zach Hill does not do halfway through every show he plays. We cannot imagine him performing this seven-minute (!) song live—clearly this has to have been taped together. Right? Right? Chll Pll, his new duo whose ridiculously titled debut Aggressively Humble (better hope your parents aren't psychologists), is a vehicle for Hill to basically blast himself to the moon. It sounds sort of like "Here Comes the Indian" with blast beats, until its supple, wavy keys are pounded into submission with a snare. A friend told us he fell asleep listening to Brian Eno the other night and had good dreams. Though we know that wasn't Zach Hill, it very well could have been, the arc of this song moving steadily from REM to zen whenever he moves from drum ping to butterfly winging the cymbals.

Premiere: Chll Pll, “Pass Out” MP3