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Stylee Fridays: Grace Coddington and Her Catwalk Cats

November 06, 2009

It's been one month, three weeks and two days since we went to see The September Issue, but our crush on creative director Grace Coddington shows no signs of abating. Aside from being the most amazing fashion stylist the world has ever seen, Coddington is a dedicated cat lady—she has been known to sneak kittens into her fashion stories (dyed-purple!!), and we're pretty sure if she had her way there would be an annual issue dedicated to her four-legged friends on the Vogue editorial calendar. Alongside her partner Didier Malige, she has been nuturing a giant cat family for the past 20 years in the West Village. And her book The Catwalk Cats is Coddington's illustrated love letter to the pack. Told through the eyes of Puff, the handsome red-headed Tabby in the bunch, the book is divided into four chapters and four seasons, starting with the birth of Bart, a drop dead gorgeous Blue Persian cat, and traces front-row antics, Met Ball outfits and frollickings with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Rei Kawakubo. Coddington does all of the drawings, and you can literally chart her own real-life adventures—parts of the spring chapter are scribbled on Ritz Paris note paper (covering the shows perhaps?) among other hotels in far lung locales. Hands down the sweetest moments in this tale: Maligne's gallery of feline at home pictures, including snaps of Grace feeding Bart his first breakast.

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Stylee Fridays
Stylee Fridays: Grace Coddington and Her Catwalk Cats