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Think About Life, “Havin My Baby” MP3

November 09, 2009

Wow, this song is an awesome Monday morning (or early afternoon) invention, like that shower gel with caffeine in it. You just ABSORB the wake-up. Think About Life sampled "Everything She Wants" by WHAM! which is NASA-level off the charts to begin with, but they transformed it into the most jubilant jam, cranking it up a few octaves like George Michael got socked in the b-sack so singer Martin could belt in a similar range and with at least as much guttural groove as ole Georgie. It's like sample-vocals-piano-sample... and you're like, Can this get more radical? And the guitar solo starts nipping, the melody starts spinning, you start to feel like Balloon Boy if he had actually flown away from his creepy parents. These guys live in Montreal, which is untenably far from our office.

Download: Think About Life, "Havin My Baby"

(via Neon Gold)

Think About Life, “Havin My Baby” MP3