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Staff Affections

November 12, 2009

Every Thursday, FADER style assistant Alex Frank asks employees and employers at our favorite shops around the world what their most cherished in-store item is at that exact moment. This week, we caught up with New York's EVA.

Zana, EVA, New York
When confronted by the bone-chilling reality of the seasonal switch from fall to winter, I want nothing more than to hide under a blanket and hibernate til spring. Luckily for my social life, this coat by Barbara Gongini not only fulfills my tactile wishes for warmer living, it looks completely stunning in the process. The oversized drawstring neckline creates draping to die for in the back, and the raw edges add a surprise element of detail. I love this coat because its as easy and comfortable as a hoodie, but infinitely more interesting. Did I mention it has really perfect and functional pockets? Because when it's as cold as it's been recently, it's nice to have a soft pocket to keep your hands warm.

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Staff Affections
Posted: November 12, 2009
Staff Affections