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New Popo Broz Jamssssss (Break Stuff)

Photographer Gabriele Stabile
December 03, 2009

It goes without saying that if you name songs "Final Fight," "Knife Is Yung" and "Eat Ur Face" they better not sound like dudes in Belle & Sebastian t-shirts making synth soundtracks for cat animations. Actually that would be ill as fuck but it's equally as good if they sound like fighting and stabbing and cannibalizing fools, which these new Popo demos do. Man, it would be cool if we weren't such wusses and occasionally got in fights so we could jam these on the boombox while someone punched us in the stomach. Oh well back to the knitting!

Stream: Popo, "Final Fight," "Knife Is Yung" and "Eat Ur Face"

UPDATE: Popo dudes took the songs down already! Popo dudes put jams back please.

New Popo Broz Jamssssss (Break Stuff)