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Wild Harem, “Brainbow” MP3

December 08, 2009

This time of year, everyone around us either gets intensely sad or really happy, and their only middle ground is an unavoidable, completely pervasive holiday sentimentality. Austin's Wild Harem sits smack in the middle of that Venn Diagram we just invented and visualized—a little edgy and angry sounding, yet warm as well. "Brainbow" sounds like getting way too drunk with your friends on Christmas Eve, even if we can't really hear many of the lyrics except "brainbow" being sung over and over, plus something about waking up tired (which we can relate to at all times).

Download: Wild Harem, "Brainbow" (via Transparent)

Posted: December 08, 2009
Wild Harem, “Brainbow” MP3