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Huelepega Soundsystem, “Amor Doombiambero” Mixtape MP3

December 11, 2009

Toronto's outre cumbia collective Huelepega Soundsystem are named after Mexican and Venezuelan glue-sniffers (who also have an eponymous film), therefore term the hazily elongated music they make "Doombia." On this "Amor Doombiambero" mixtape, made in anticipation of their next album, the rhythm experimenters tease up their original songs into a muted full experience that sounds like wandering in the desert with heatstroke, drugged out and pleasantly terrifying, an audio representation of the illest parts of Latin America and, to that end, an indirect political statement in itself. Tracklist after the jump.

Download: Huelepega Sound System, "Amor Doombiambero" Mixtape

(via Generation Bass)

01 – First Revival 4:30

02 – Huelepega vs Chicken 4:18

03 – La Culebra 2:31

04 – Santo Landero 6:15

05 – Icee Cumbia 2:25

06 – Huelepega vs Karol y su Amor Gitano 3:22

07 – Sabor de la Cumbia 3:19

08 – Campañero Doombiambero - Huelepega vs Aniceto Molina 3:06

09 – Huelepega vs Sonido Martines (Brooglinnuevajork) 2:42

10 – Huelepega vs Sonido Martines – We Corazon You Martines 3:17

11 – Huelepega vs Dubchaman (El Diablo) 5:09

Huelepega Soundsystem, “Amor Doombiambero” Mixtape MP3