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Doodles: Master Forrest Bicker

December 18, 2009

Forrest Bicker is a prolific artist. At his New York apartment dozens of his paintings cover an entire wall. Others, rolled and stacked, fill cupboards and folios. While his drawings, made on a daily basis over the past year, overflow from a thick, bulging, concertina folder. Forrest's work is defined by distinct periods. Bold abstract paintings with a red, blue and purple color palette, more figurative landscape drawings on colored grounds with suns (as featured in The FADER #62), and the more recent intricate "choice time" drawings from the past year shown in the slideshow above. From hearts (a reoccurring motif) to minds (images which reference computer games), whether simple or complex, all the works share an innocence and pure joy that transcend technique and aesthetics.

We asked Forrest to talk us through some of the big themes, and small details of his art– the product of his beautiful, curious and fertile mind. Forrest Bicker is six years old and The FADER's youngest contributor. I am proud to be his dad.

Posted: December 18, 2009
Doodles: Master Forrest Bicker