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Quail Lungs, “Dumb Dadadum” MP3

January 04, 2010

It's 2010 and dudes are continuing to take lo-fi aesthetics and push them in interesting new directions. Tough Knuckles records janky AM radio piano jams backed by stuff like legit thunderstorms and Quail Lungs—who will be releasing a single on PPM January 26th—is channeling Randy Newman's nasal idiosyncrasies, belting out his lyrics like he recorded "Dumb Dadadum" alone in his basement at the tail-end of a bummer of a weekend and only had a couple minutes to get it out before he broke down completely. It's raw, temporary and of the moment, get it before it's gone.

Download: Quail Lungs, "Dumb Dadadum"

Posted: January 04, 2010
Quail Lungs, “Dumb Dadadum” MP3