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DJ Drama Reclaims Relevance With New Yo Gotti and Cam’ron Mixtapes

January 13, 2010

Yesterday, at around 5pm-ish, DJ Drama dropped two different mixtapes that two very different groups of rap fans have been anticipating for some months. Both have been played up recently, but those awaiting Yo Gotti's Cocaine Muzik 4 would have been pacified by Gotti's new music twitter campaign. Cam'ron fans however, thirsting for newer music since August's Boss Of All Bosses I, were finally treated to Boss of All Bosses II. And though the tapes also serve as platforms for emerging Cam and Gotti proteges Vado and Zedzilla respectively, they mark a return to public consciousness for once revered mixtape specialist, DJ Drama. Drama has had a heavy hand in the ascension of pretty much everyone from the south that we still care about through his Gangsta Grillz series, but has recently kept a pretty low profile. We're quite sure this doesn't have anything to do with the Fed ransacking his home and confiscating everything he uses to make money a couple of years back, but the fact of the matter is that his musical direction remains second to none. Both tapes are extremely fluid (Cam's may or may not contain an excess of Araab Muzik) and both are well-equipped to tide fans over until the artists' proper albums. And though it's been awhile since we had anything at all to say about Drama it's good to know that he's still got the magic. Now if we could just get that Fabolous tape out of him.

Download: Cam'ron, Boss of All Bosses 2 Mixtape

Download: Yo Gotti, Cocaine Muzik 4 Mixtape

DJ Drama Reclaims Relevance With New Yo Gotti and Cam’ron Mixtapes