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Infinite Body, “Drive Dreams Away” MP3

January 13, 2010

We recently hopped in a taxi at the end of an exhausting night and noticed the cab driver had some soothing Enya-lite jams playing from his speakers. No crystals in the window, but the drone was soothing, its constant lulling presence. When we got home, the upstairs neighbors were making a lot of noise so we put on Infinite Body's "Drive Dreams Away" and zoned out until morning. We're not even sure if we slept, but it doesn't matter because we woke up feeling like we just came off the illest, most relaxing vacation ever. It got us thinking about the difference between the new age we heard in the cab and the record we listened to at home. What's the difference? Why is one more satisfying than the other? The answer is that Infinite Body's drone is rougher, more organic, where Enya is more cascading and artificial. Infinite Body is less experienced, but more exciting. We'll stop those comparisons there, because they come from very different places and have different intentions. Infinite Body has a whole bunch of great releases already, with Carve Out the Face of my God coming soon on PPM.

Download: Infinite Body, "Drive Dreams Away"

Posted: January 13, 2010
Infinite Body, “Drive Dreams Away” MP3