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Kilamu, “Ta Ndjeff” MP3

January 14, 2010

We have hardly retained any of the vocabulary we learned during the two semesters of college that we studied Portuguese. Trying to uncover word-relics from those classes while listening to Angolan star of kuduro music Kilamu's Akwaaba-released A Minha Face comes unadvised. The beats are so beguiling, it is impossible to contemplate any lost language. Instead, we're absorbing horns and drum loops and drafting a letter to every foreign language department suggesting they include this album in their Portuguese curriculum. We'd like to think that if Killamu were our professor, we'd have an A+ for our diction and grammar, as well as our adept dancefloor vernacular.

Download: Kilamu, "Ta Njeff"

Posted: January 14, 2010
Kilamu, “Ta Ndjeff” MP3