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Cool Cats: The Catorialist and Hausu’s Killer Persian

January 19, 2010

Keeping up with the thoroughly overcrowded street style blogosphere is frankly impossible—and at the risk of sounding catty—a little snoozy. To keep it simple, we're paring down our on-the-street bloglines to one key source. Enter The Catorialist, a website that literally blew our socks (and fuzzy coats) off, featuring gorgeous golden hour pictures of felines on the prowl and a whole roster of fierce new street style starlets to get familiar with.
In related cat news, the movie tour for cult '70s Japanese horror film Hausu kicked off last week, and there are only three nights left on the IFC calendar to catch bloodthristy pianos, killer lampshades and (best of all) the demonic Persian cat that we'll be wearing across our chests this spring. Ad man-turned-director Nobuhiko Obayashi hijacked the doodles of his 11-year-old daughter to make the movie, and between the DIY animation and blood-spurting cat portraits, it reads like the inside of a topsy-turvy tweenage nightmare. If you think you can hack the trippy horror, check out a scene from the film after the jump.

Posted: January 19, 2010
Cool Cats: The Catorialist and Hausu’s Killer Persian