Newworldaquarium Live at Bleep43 MP3

January 20, 2010

Recently, on this very site, regular columnist Andrew Field-Pickering wrote of Newworldaquarium:

Newworldaquarium, The Dead Bears (Delsin)
I bought this when I lived in Spain a couple of years ago. I brought it back to the house I was at, and played it to myself on this bootleg Fischer-Price turntable. When the a-side was finished, I sat up, shook myself out of “the zone” and turned the record over. I did that four times, each time sinking further into the mattress while the tracks played. There is no heaven, but “Avon Sparkle” makes it sound like there miiiight be one, and that, when you get there, big body Chicago girls will vibe with you and pass the J. I love how aggravatingly short “Star Power” is, and how much it sounds like the percolating intro to “Sign O’ The Times” by Prince. Fuck it, I just think the whole album is genius. You gotta have this one.

Which is about the best way we could describe it. Dude's music is all about "the zone." Drugs without drugs, dance music without any necessity to move. It's immersive and requires the kind of patience we didn't think we had until we realized we'd just been listening to The xx all day every day for months on end. Here's a mix from the tail end of '09 that's all about the casual build. Seriously, it's not even worth skimming, just listen straight through and then spend the rest of your day trying to figure out what the hell happened for an hour.

Download: Newworldaquarium Live at Bleep43 Podcast (via FACT Magazine)

Newworldaquarium Live at Bleep43 MP3