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DJ Harvey on Beats in Space MP3

January 22, 2010

Last weekend the legendary DJ Harvey played at the actually sort of legendarily gnarly loft venue, Market Hotel. Before he went on we were talking about Arthur Russell's Dinosaur L jam, "Go Bang." I don't wanna see all my friends at once/ I wanna go bang. That was the vibe for the evening. And then, somewhere into his set, Harvey played the song. People put their hands in the air and started screaming like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was incredible, his cosmic mindreading. But unrequested requests aside, everything Harvey plays ordains a similar satisfaction of wish fulfillment. Seems like on his trip to New York, he stopped by Tim Sweeney's long running Beats in Space radio show and dropped a similar set of shit you've never heard of but apparently your desperate heart has long desired. Tracks number nine and 11 are both "Whatever We Want" by Rowanda Ice Cream Project. Couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Download: DJ Harvey on Beats in Space


DJ Harvey on Beats in Space MP3