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Video: Sunglasses, “Whiplash” + MP3

February 01, 2010

Once upon a time, we knew a girl from Savannah who was sweet and quiet and, if memory serves, liked floral patterns a lot, but could build a livable house out of scrap wood in the dumpster. That seems kind of the vibe down there: Spanish moss and Southern grit. Sunglasses, a duo formed from the ashes of a Savannah College of Art & Design senior thesis, reminds us of that girl. "Whiplash" has the soul of a hobo folk song and the clothes of a candy raver. If this song existed as a person in real life it would be horrifying but it doesn't, though the video comes really close.

Download: Sunglasses, "Whiplash" (via Transparent)

Posted: February 01, 2010
Video: Sunglasses, “Whiplash” + MP3