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So Many Shrimp’s Best Raps 2009 MP3

February 02, 2010

Now that no one can ever gets a rap album out (congrats to Gucci Mane for making it happen), the primary mode for releasing music has been through free mixtapes released with such alarming frequency that it is virtually impossible to keep up with every rapper you're interested in (still looking at you Gucci). That being said, the ever-reliable So Many Shrimp did a decent job of keeping us abreast of shit we might have missed in the past year (we advise anyone who is still questioning Gucci's talent to read at least some of their coverage). While it might be a little late, they've just posted a mix of some of their favorite tracks from '09, and for our money it's a great look at some amazing, if overlooked, highlights of the last 365 days. Track list after the jump.

Download: So Many Shrimp's Best Raps 2009

Posted: February 02, 2010
So Many Shrimp’s Best Raps 2009 MP3