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Babe Rainbow, Shaved Mixtape MP3 and Video

February 11, 2010

If it seems like we might be spending the better part of 2010 trying to capture Babe Rainbow's sound, this mixtape only confounds us even more. Mixed by Rico Uno, it's made up of Babe Rainbow tracks, remixes that sound like ghosts of their original versions and a general sense of haunting doom and gloom floating around the whole thing. It's dark and ominous and only when vocals appear is there anything to latch onto. We can't really think of a time in real life when we would end up hanging out with Demarco in a haunted house, but when he pops up here it's a pretty good simulation. To round out the generally horrifying vibe of the songs, Babe Rainbow have released a video for "Shaved." It is initially beautiful, but then makes us want to never trust our friends or the forest ever again. Buy Babe Rainbow's Shaved EP here and check the tracklist for the mixtape after the jump.

Download: Babe Rainbow, Shaved Mixtape

Babe Rainbow - Popcommon (Rico Uno's Fast Blend)
Babe Rainbow - Shaved
Midnight Juggernauts - The New Technology (Babe Rainbow Dark & Dubby Remix)
Babe Rainbow - Mexico (Rico Uno's Drifter Blend)
Babe Rainbow - Tummy Sticks (Rico Uno's Got To Be Strong Blend)
Demarco - True Friend (Babe Rainbow Remix)
Fine Mist - In The Mountains (Babe Rainbow Remix)
Comanechi - On & On (Babe Rainbow Remix)
Zomby - Aquafresh (Babe Rainbow Stilettos Blend)
Basketball - Lightning Lip
Wavves - Weed Demon (Babe Rainbow Surf-Step Edit)
DOOM - Gazzillion Ear (Babe Rainbow Remix)
Babe Rainbow & Basketball - Proper (Rico Uno This Feeling Blend)

Babe Rainbow, Shaved Mixtape MP3 and Video