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Video: Late of the Pier, “Best in the Class”/”Blueberry”

February 22, 2010

Late of the Pier's new single "Best in the Class" will achieve physical and digital status on March 1st through Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sounds, with the Beatles-esque "Blueberry" on the other side. The video is almost exactly the dream/nightmare we had a couple nights ago after putting too much Sriracha on a sandwich, so be forewarned. Still, this is a good direction for these dudes—musically. And from the looks of things, they are getting smart with their intellectual property and diversifying their portolio:

2010 looks to usher in a new era of Late Of The Pier as the band branches off into new
multimedia projects… from solo albums, side projects and collaborations to scripting,
editing and directing film. It’ll also see the official launch of the bands Zarcorp label,
including the Samuel Dust-produced debut single from newcomers Egyptian Hip Hop and
the upcoming audio/visual project La La Lepus. It will also see the beginnings of their
follow-up album for Parlophone Records and ‘something very special and very secret’.

This seems like a good model for bands to follow, as long as it all isn't terrible.

Video: Late of the Pier, “Best in the Class”/”Blueberry”