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Renaissance Man’s USA Promo Mix MP3

February 23, 2010

Apparently this mix is for "Forma.T" which has nothing to do with America at all, but it's labeled "USA Promo Mix Feb 2010," so we're going to pretend that some time in the next six days (unless it is a leap year, not sure), Renaissance Man is coming ashore. We'd even sacrifice the rest of America (or at least LA) if they just came to New York. DJs this good must be happy they were born DJs. Computer, MP3s, pesky brain telling you to make stuff all the time. This, thank gosh, isn't some slow Van Gogh cut your ear off level of production. Renaissance Man's quick output rate is spastic. Or maybe these are just their drafts, little pencil nub sketches of "Starry Night" and soon they are going to come with chunky paint cerulean swirls. But as it is, this mix has a fucked up sample of Seth Rogan in Pineapple Express. Maybe they are leaking out some of their motives. They're stoners! We would think dudes with such a glitchy itch wouldn't want to partake in the finest bud, but everyone needs to find their drone zone. This second song which is basically nonsense words for an artist and title is kind of weed music, but the classic "Percolater" they drop in later is all caffeine pills and just reminds us how much we hate the era of Red Bull. (Confidential to JShep: sorry). Maybe Renaissance Man will start taking their name more literally and start making better engineered drums so you can perk purely and benefit holistically from Finnish techno. That's a challenge, dudes. You are running the game, get out on top! Don't listen to Gordon Gekko!!!!! Tracklist after the jump OMG!!!

Download: Renaissance Man's USA Promo Mix

1. Renaissance Man: Babbadabba – Made To Play
2. Siopis: Pesti Nasty – Ntrop
3. Kasper Bjorke: Alcatraz (ZDS RMX) Edit – CDR
4. M.In and Franksen: Drum of the beat – Souvenir
5. Cajmere: Percolator – Cajual
6. Crookers: Hold Up Your Hand (Renaissance Man Remix) – CDR
7. M.A.N.D.Y & Bookashade: Donut – Living The Dream
8. Solo: Afreaka (Renaissance Man Remix) – Deadfish
9. Claude VonStroke feat Bootsy Collins: The Greasy Beat(JPhlip Remix) – Dirtybird
10. Round Table Knights: Drop The Dow – Made To Play
11. Oliver $: I Hope – Made To Play
12. Jody Finch: Jack Your Big Booty – Let’s Pet Puppies

Renaissance Man’s USA Promo Mix MP3