The Pros and Cons of Jackie Chain’s “Mack a Bitch” Video

February 24, 2010

Based on title alone, you'll probably be able to tell if this is something you want to watch. But it's another well shot video by Motion Family and another excellent production by Huntsville's Block Beataz. Jackie Chain has had a long and slow rise to getting noticed by anyone at all—he's also the perfect foil for the Block Beataz. He can ride any beat they give him, and doesn't try to throw lyrical fireworks into the mix. Watching the video for "Mack a Bitch," we found something off-putting, but couldn't quite figure out what. After the jump, Sam Hockley-Smith and Julianne Escobedo Shepherd discuss the video over IM. (video via BLVD ST)

Sam: What do you think of Jackie Chain?
Julianne: I think his voice is really funny but technically he is a decent rapper.

What about the chorus?
Honestly that isn't as offensive to me as the part where Jackie Chain is saying "GET MY MONEY HO" over and over and the reason is it sounds like it is being said by someone in Where the Wild Things Are. How do you feel about the video?

I think you were right that it's less about the song's content and more about how aggressive the video is. At the same time, Motion Family now specialize in making videos that—for better or worse—are authentic. Or at least shot in a way that's like, Okay yeah a party is going on but check out this dude's scars. It feels more real, even if the situation itself is fabricated. Can you explain why it might be offensive?
It's not necessarily offensive beyond the generic "objectifying a girl in a video" trope that I have become desensitized to after watching like 3 trillion rap videos in my life BUT it's scary to me. Like, TONS OF DUDES DRINKING BEER IN A STRIP CLUB AND GETTING AGGY AND THINKING ABOUT CHICKS NEEDING TO GET BROKEN it feels like an aggressive situation. My self-defense class beeper is going off. Which I guess is the point. Also, every time that "go get my money ho" part comes on I get mad. NO JACKIE I'M NOT GETTING YOUR MONEY DUDE. GET MY FUCKIN MONEY, JACKIE.

So in spite of hearing variations on it a million times, the "go get my money ho" part is the most offensive to you?
I think so. Two years ago I would have said the "breaking apart" part as sexual description, but I've also heard that so much I don't take it seriously. Also, "cutting" was much grosser.

Does this song "work?"
If its goal is to in fact mack on some girls, I would say no. But if the goal is to make Jackie Chain's friends think he macks real hard, then yes. "Get my money ho" is not a good way to mack on girls, but the beat is hot and Jackie's funny voice sounds good with the melody, so I guess in the distant critical way it "works." It also works in making me not want to go to that club.

The Pros and Cons of Jackie Chain’s “Mack a Bitch” Video