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Rich Boy Drops Three New Songs Without Much Fanfare

February 26, 2010

The pairing of Rich Boy and Polow seemed so right that we were initially skeptical of him working with anyone else, except maybe ATLiens-era Organized Noize. Lately, he's been working with Supa Villain, who has been a consistent, if unremarkable, foil for Rich Boy's ridiculous voice. On these three tracks he comes into his own a little more. "Prosecuted" approaches the perpetually ominous swamp funk that Organized Noize made their signature, without quite capturing it. But we wouldn't expect him to anyway—that's a tall order. Really, we're just happy that Rich Boy keeps releasing music, even if it only comes in the form of poorly publicized mixtapes every few months. (via Nah Right)

Download: Rich Boy, "Prosecuted"

Download: Rich Boy, "Balla Bash"

Download: Rich Boy, "No More"

Rich Boy Drops Three New Songs Without Much Fanfare