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Stussy’s J Dilla Documentary, Parts 1-3

February 26, 2010

With J. Dilla you get the sense that certain people could just talk about him forever, telling stories about the minutiae of a beat or his idiosyncrasies in the studio. The detail of his life is what will make him an endlessly fascinating figure in music, on top of his actual musical influence. Stussy added another layer to the oral history by producing this three-part documentary of the key Stones Throw figures spinning their best yarns about personal experiences with him and have now posted it in full. Watch parts one and two after the jump and then send an email to Stussy and Stones Throw to see if they'll press up some more of their limited edition Dilla tees since eBay doesn't donate proceeds to the J Dilla Foundation and that's the only place you can currently find them.

Part 2

Part 1

Stussy’s J Dilla Documentary, Parts 1-3