Stylee Fridays: Laitinen Fall 2010

February 26, 2010

This is our second blog post today featuring mysterious, long-haired dudes with a vaguely metal-leaning vibe, and it's really no surprise since dabbling in the dark side feels strangely comforting when it's cold and snowy outside. Laitinen is a brother and sister design duo from Finland who have made long, dark nights their hiding place and inspiration. We talked to Tuomas and Anna Laitinen back in the spring of 2008 for issue #54, and they talked about their soft spot for Robert Smith and their mom's awesome closet of Yohji dresses and floating Comme cloaks.

As much as they're comfortable in that melancholy zone, the Laitinens like to have a giggle, and there are always plenty of tongue-in-cheek moments tucked into their work. They've used photographs of dead black roses stolen from a nearby park (a nod to Tim Burton) to make their prints in the past, and this time they've used safety pins blown large. The new photo collages are splattered all over awesome suits, and standout pieces include floor-length capes and tiered skirts, which means both brother and sister can wander around the new fall 2010 samples. The light jokes aren't only in the prints though—the biker jacket, for example, has furry Where the Wild Things Are arms on it, enough to tickle any boy or girl pink.

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Stylee Fridays
Posted: February 26, 2010
Stylee Fridays: Laitinen Fall 2010