Ryan Leslie Bookends Love

Photographer Annie Tritt
March 01, 2010

Over the weekend, three new Ryan Leslie tracks—possibly from his album to be released some time this year, Les Is More—popped up in the Usershare-iverse and we are psyched. If there's anyone who can turn a bitter situation into something slick and twinkling, it's this man. "Too Late" is possibly the most polite write off song we've ever heard and, although low-key, its smoothness and confidence could make it anthemic. He also hits the courting end of the amore spectrum with "When I Think About Luv" and "Here She Comes." But what happens in between budding romance and the cold end? We beseech you, Ryan Leslie, to send out more joints to the World Wide Web, so that we can figure it out. (via Ill Roots)

Download: Ryan Leslie, "Too Late"

Download: Ryan Leslie, "When I Think About Luv"

Download: Ryan Leslie, "Here She Comes"

Posted: March 01, 2010
Ryan Leslie Bookends Love