Aidonia, “Jehova” MP3

Photographer Martei Korley
March 05, 2010

Initially, much of Aidonia's lyricism was girl and gun-centric, but this last year he directed his focus towards a more international audience, catching our ear and keeping it obsessively focused on any YouTube leaks or riddim drops we could sweep up. Starting the new year with more then a few gripping tracks, he's pushed the process into double speed with the release of "Jehova," produced by Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor and causing a stir on both Jamaican airwaves and blogs before the day turned over. Straying from his usual harder style, "Jehova" elevates the mood with a hopeful message while also breaking the mold by utilizing a church choir. With another nine months left in the year, we're hoping that his stockpile of "line-jumping" jams will materialize into that double disk he promised.

Download: Aidonia, "Jehova" (via Di Genius)

Posted: March 05, 2010
Aidonia, “Jehova” MP3