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Madlib, “African Voodoo Queen” + “The Frontline (Liberation)” MP3

March 09, 2010

With the emergence of African musical obscurities blogs like Awesome Tapes From Africa, Voodoo Funk and others, it's easy to forget that there are guys like Madlib who are sitting on mountains of rare African vinyl that most of us will never hear. Where the bloggers rip and post mp3s, Madlib cuts and pastes, per his usual production chicanery, to achieve something a little more abstract but accessible. The blogs may give those with an interest an endless supply of free music, but The Beat Konductor in Africa is probably better for dabblers. Plus, the vinyl has a tiger on the cover. Pre-order Madlib Medicine Show No. 3: Beat Konducta in Africa from Stones Throw.

Download: Madlib, "African Voodoo Queen"

Download: Madlib, "The Frontline (Liberation)"

Madlib, “African Voodoo Queen” + “The Frontline (Liberation)” MP3