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Here We Go Magic, “Collector” MP3

March 11, 2010

Here We Go Magic were a band who took us by surprise last year with the total unexpected catchiness of their self-titled debut. The project of Luke Temple, a sorta folk musician from Brooklyn, the group is an expanded crew of rhythmically-inclined rock musicians, the kind of folks who get really conflicted about the breakup of Talking Heads. (On the one hand, no more "Naive Melody," on the other, Tom Tom Club!!) Apparently we weren't the only folks to notice, and the group signed with Secretly Canadian for their second LP, Pigeons, set for release June 8th. "Collector" is the first track from the album released and it's super awesome. They got some money for some studio time and an engineer and some mixing and the business. And by the high speed of the track, sounds like they were pretty stoked about everything. Dudes are up there in the gallop range. To be totally honest this is one of those things where you are like "Really? Here We Go Magic is really making a total jam on that level?" Looks like they did. Rad! Jimmy Fallon and ?uestlove are totally going to tweet to each other about this.

Update: Turns out HWGM recorded and produced the record themselves in a home studio that apparently had mice (gross). The general uplift from lo-fi charm of the first album to super pro of the second had us fooled. Even more killer to hear it's DIY.

Download: Here We Go Magic, "Collector" (email registration required) (via MBV)

Here We Go Magic, “Collector” MP3