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March 19, 2010

We've been trying to hold it all the way down over at But as posse'd up as we are, we still can't be everywhere and experiencing everything at once. That's where you come in: you guys are tweeting maniacs, and we love you for it, so we compiled some of our favorite tweets of the last few days. @ us (is @ a verb now?) at @levisfaderfort over the next day and a half and we'll pick more of our favorites! Twitter awesomeness after the jump. Thanks for being so enthusiastic, everyone! We are as excited as you are.

@sheenabeaston perfect cure for this raging hangover is the iced tea and soco @LEVISFADERFORT ... thank the boozey gods!

@ace138 One of my five must sees right now. My two favorite Canadians, Japandroids, @levisfaderfort. And they're amazing.

@jdubrecords Cherie from the runaways carving her own Seder plate with a chainsaw at @levisfaderfort #sxsw

@EricKennedyATX Bone Bone Bone Bone Bone Bone Bone Bone Bone, now tell me whatcha gonna do...Bone Thugs TOMORROW NIGHT @levisfaderfort

@wanderkeil @levisfaderfort knows their audience and hires extraordinary staff.

@remezcla Heads are bobbing, hips shaking...they dont know what hit them @bombaestereo @LEVISFADERFORT

@djkyzer With so much murderation I may be afraid to go RT @LEVISFADERFORT BOMBA ESTEREO IS KILLING IT.

@stayreddy Fukk yeah @levisfaderfort!!!

@daftstar Crunking eloquently @ the fort — at @levisfaderfort

@heygerardo paid $20 for a bike ride to get to @levisfaderfort on time to see @bestycoastyy totally worth it.

@ClementandCo Thanks to @levisfaderfort and @bestycoastyy for helping us through our non-SXSW workday with their live stream! #nerdslikemusictoo

@scratchex Signs of @LEVISFADERFORT roof flying across I-35. NAS blew it off!

@brahmsband - Nas and Damian Marley @LevisFaderFort just finished our set

@laque Beer pong at @LEVISFADERFORT