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Best Tweets Ever, Part 2

March 22, 2010

Well everybody, we're back in New York and happily exhausted. Thank you so much to everyone who came through the Fort this week—we had the best time with you all! On Saturday night, in a fit of joy after amazing performances by Yelawolf and Real Estate, anticipating our favorite Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (who were so good we almost cried), we felt a massive unity with everyone there (really! it wasn't just the Bud talking) and wanted to shout everyone out who was with us who @'ed us at Check for your twit shouts after the jump, and some of the other best tweets from last week. About those Justin Bieber/"J Bawlz" surprise appearances... we got jokes. Hope everyone got home safe, and see you again in Austin!

@sheenabeaston @vinceamoroso DUDE...local natives killed at @LEVISFADERFORT this week ... biggest applause aside from bone thugs...hands down

@JOHNNYSWIM I'm sorry to the other 4000 of you that left after bonethugs but there is NO party like the @LEVISFADERFORT staff afterparty!! #OMG

@TheophilusL: Hoolllyyy shittt kicking it backstage with BoneThugs & Harmony @levisfaderfort

@PaidUpTop best night ever with the bone thugs. see you at the crossroads, MJ, easy e, biggie + tupac @LEVISFADERFORT #bonethugs

@hei_low someone is filming bone thugs at the @levisfaderfort with their macbook. now that's gangsta. #sxsw

@djoz18 my fave party all week of every SXSW and even CMJ @levisfaderfort really knows how to throw one!!! Wooaahhhh!!!

@TheophilusL @LEVISFADERFORT I've never seen Bone thugs live ever this is gonna be nuts. They better play "Crossroads" I'll die

@rociogutierrez Haha that's a good party ;-)RT @conrazon: People climbing the fences @levisfaderfort #sxsw

@Rosenbergradio I just heard president Obama is introducing kanye at fader fort. @LEVISFADERFORT

@SweetJohn Real Estate playing @LEVISFADERFORT and they sound amazing.

@ayvee rumor has it that either Craig Mack, LFO or Snow are closing out the @LEVISFADERFORT tonight #lottabuzz #sxsw

@SweetJohn I think the @LEVISFADERFORT did a great job this year. For a completely free event it is stellar!

SHOUT OUTS! @misplacedpants @iza_htx @SXSWPartyList @colinparksfried @christophermata @odezone @saymayday @rcuppernull @soldoutmusic @RebelTec @auxrecords @luxurymindz @theworldofdeuce @nacoeschido @HnRcrew @taylorchoi @BugsyWorld @supergoodrca @macaronic @rideincircles @MarkbyMarc @sashabonet @jenclapp @peopleincrowds @chasmoore_opm @mkm106 @tigerpop @WestonCarls AND EVERYONE ELSE!

Best Tweets Ever, Part 2